Mika, Fabiola, Kalea, Levi & Luana

Mika and Fabiola have been married for 14 years and have three children together—Kalea, Levi, and Luana.

They got married in 2007 and went into full-time evangelistic ministry from 2008-2012, where they traveled the world sharing the glorious gospel of Christ and saw many people come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

From 2012 to 2017, they lived in Denmark, where Mika built a successful web-development company to provide for his family while serving at a church plant evangelizing the lost, discipling believers, and teaching the word of God.

Mika and Fabiola have always desired to move back to the USA to receive more theological and pastoral training while serving in a local church. So, in 2017, they moved back to California, where Mika faithfully served full-time at The Bridge Bible Fellowship on the pastoral staff as The Director of Outreach and Evangelism and Young Adults Ministries. Fabiola is a faithful home-keeper and homeschool their children to give them a good Christian education.

Ministry in Denmark and Scandinavia

Mika and Fabiola had seen their long-term future and ministry in the USA, but the Lord began placing a huge burden for Denmark and Scandanavia in their hearts at the end of 2019 as they were seeking God’s guidance for the future. Although the Lord used Mika and Fabiola’s faithful ministry at The Bridge Bridge Fellowship in California, it’s clear that Denmark (Mika’s home country) is a more strategic sphere of ministry for them in the long term and that their gifts may be used for the greater benefit of Christ’s church.

So with the full blessing and support of their elders and church family, The Bridge Bible Fellowship sent the Kaltoft’s to Scandinavia as missionaries and church planters in partnership with Biblical Ministries Worldwide in 2021.

The family Kaltoft is relying on financial support from their sending church, other churches, families, and individuals who joyfully have decided to become part of their mission and support their vision of reaching Scandinavia for Christ as ministry partners.

Husband, Father & Pastor

Mika Kaltoft

Besides theological training, missionaries often spent many years learning languages, cultures, and local customs to be equipped for fruitful and successful ministry before entering a mission field.

In God’s providence, Mika is Danish. He grew up in Denmark, speaks the language, understands the culture and Danish mindset. He has been theological trained both formally at The Master’s University and informally through online courses. In 2021, he graduated from Reformation Seminary, completing a seminary graded program designed to train men to exegete, preach, shepherd, and plant biblical churches.

Additionally, Mika spent almost four years emerged in full-time ministry at The Bridge Bible Fellowship under his elders’ leadership and mentorship while meeting the biblical qualifications of an elder found in Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.

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Wife, Mother & Discipler

Fabiola Kaltoft

Fabiola grew up in Mexico but has lived more than six years in Denmark, knows the culture and people well, and speaks the language fluently.

She has effectively served in ministry for many years, teaching the Bible and discipling women and children.

With Mika and Fabiola’s background, training, and more than 14 years of ministry experience behind them, the Lord has been preparing them well to return to Mika’s homeland (Denmark) to faithfully serve as missionaries and church planters.

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Doctrinal Statement of Faith

Recognizing that the Bible is the very Word of God to man, and understanding the priority of obeying its truths, we are deeply committed to studying and teaching His Word with diligence, conviction, and authority. Our statement of faith reflect our biblical beliefs and teaching.

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Our sending church is The Bridge Bible Fellowship, located in California, USA.

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